VR And Your Perception Of Sex

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Being at home, horny with nothing to do is something that most males experienced in their life time. It’s not an easy situation to be in. Using dating sites don’t really work that well either since most females most of the time just don’t respond. Watching a normal porn video with your favorite porn star can help, but it can also be very repetitive and boring.

In the past few years Virtual Reality adult content has been taking over the market. When it comes to technology, VR is in the first place on all porn sites but why is this? VR porn allows users to feel more engaged with the movie, makes them feel like they are interacting and it puts a smile on their faces, making them happy.

For you guys who have experience VR, you know what I am talking about but for you who don’t then it’s something you might want to consider.

But don’t be fooled. VR can’t be watched like viewing a normal adult video on free sites. It requires people to be in possession of a VR headset and there’s many out there to choose from, from the cheap ones that costs $100 or below to the expensive ones that are $400 up to $800.

Not everyone has $500 to spend on a VR headset to watch porn. Those headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are made for video gamers who play games all day long with nothing better to do. They work great for adult movies, but they are just very expensive. On the other hand, cheap headsets have a streaming quality that is so low, you will regret you ever bought a headset.

A VR headset that won’t destroy your bank account and that is made STRICLY to watch adult VR movies with is the IRIS VR Headset by This excellent headset is very appealing to the eye of the consumer by being all white, it has a battery that lasts for a long time but mostly it has a perfect crystal clear resolution and streaming quality making you able to enjoy each movie like never before. On top of that, it doesn’t require people to use their mobile phone. Simply connect the IRIS to your WIFI and it works great.

Priced at $199, this headset also offers an amazing perk. The IRIS offers free VR videos through their partner site which is basically a site that offers a huge amount of VR movies from all the top VR studios out there and it gets updated weekly with new stuff.
In other words, with this headset it’s impossible to go wrong and for you guys who are keen in trying something new or to kill boredom, then the IRIS is just a great purchase. You won’t regret it. ☺

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