BDSM: Bringing Something New to Your Sex Life

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Are you a “vanilla” lover who has gotten bored beneath the sheets of prudence and traditional intimacy? Are you game to paint your life behind the bedroom door fifty shades more colorful? If so, veer away from the over-trodden path and take a detour through the kinky BDSM road now!

BDSM is an expression of a person’s sexuality. It involves bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism—thus the initialism. It also involves role-playing and a cornucopia of fantasies, such as hot and heavy encounters between royalty and subject, master and slave, guard and prisoner, doctor and nurse, teacher and student, captor and hostage.

The practice is absolutely nowhere near mainstream. But it is fast gaining popularity, with adults finding it in themselves to defy convention. And this is not even because Lady Gaga seems to show that anyone can learn the BDSM ropes quite easily.

BDSM for Beginners

If you are a newbie in the BDSM arena but are willing to be a student who can be taught quickly, find an über-eager teacher. In case you are too shy to look for someone in physical settings, search online.

There are plenty of BDSM dating websites and apps that specifically cater to adults with kinks, fetishes, and fantasies. These can recommend adults near you who are ready for your private education.

Before joining digital communities, check out some of the basic BDSM terms and concepts:

#1- Blindfolding

In dominance-submission intimacies, blindfolding allows the “dom” to control the “sub” and the sub to place his or her full trust in the dom. Here, the dominant partner will awaken the submissive partner’s senses, using body parts (like lips and fingers) or inanimate objects (like wine and feathers) that emit arousing smells or evoke titillating feelings.

The suspense teases the sub and drives him or her to the edge of orgasm. Meanwhile, the thrill of watching the sub go wet and wild will make the dom want to climax.

#2- Restraining

In bondage-discipline intimacies, restraining can be a way to suppress freedom in erotic role plays and sexual fantasies. One partner lords over the other and uses restraints, such as a scarf, a necktie, or a pair of toy handcuffs. The satisfaction lies in limiting the movement, stimulating the need to escape, and finally reaching liberation itself.

If you want to try these restraints, exercise care and caution. Wearing them too tight can keep the blood from circulating.

#3- Spanking. 


Sex toys for singles and couples

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Sex toys can diversify your sex life and give you extraordinary sensations. Everyone wants sex to be bright, emotional, and bring maximum pleasure. We have dreams, fantasies, desires that we would like to realize. Adult toys provide a great variety of erotic scenarios. Now people devote a lot of time to study, work and social life, so they do not have enough time for personal life. Relationships and sex life are also very important. If you feel lonely and want to diversify your sex life, you can try using sex toys. Talk to your partner about this, and you can easily start experimenting. But what if you don’t have a partner and want to meet and fuck tonight? The best way is to join online dating. Attractive singles are only a few messages away, and you could be meeting up and fucking them. Nowadays, sex toys are not considered shameful; they help diversify the sex life or brighten up the moments of loneliness. With the help of them, you can add new sensations to your sex life. Below you will find short overviews of interesting and popular sex toys.

Le wand bullet

The miniature sex toy comes complete with two ribbed attachments designed to stimulate inside and out. 11 vibration modes and 4 speeds will adapt to any mood and task: from a gentle massage of the back or legs to intense penetrating movements.

Gplug Small Vibrating Butt Plug

The small butt plug has 6 vibration modes with a powerful motor. It can be used to prepare for anal sex and double penetration. The vibration intensity can be adjusted remotely using the remote control.

We-Vibe Wand

The vibrator with 10 vibration modes and 24 intensity levels can pulsate to the beat of the music using the We-Vibe app. With it, you can also configure remote use so as not to stop sexual experiments, even at a distance. The set includes two silicone tips that diversify the use of the toy. The device is suitable for stimulating the erogenous zones of both partners.

Fun Factory Volta Vibrator

The silicone petals can move in 6 intensity levels. The vibrator is suitable for stimulating any erogenous zones on the body – breasts, nipples, neck. Its bifurcated shape allows it to wrap around the clitoris, labia, and penis on both sides. You can try to insert a toy into the vagina, but you should be careful with the modes – the petals can cause discomfort to sensitive walls, so it is better to experiment with the device externally.


How do lesbians have sex?

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Sexual relations between unconventional couples are in many ways similar to heterosexual contacts: there are mutual caresses of erogenous zones, numerous kisses, and hugs. In a relationship between two ladies, each one knows perfectly well what they need and what they like.

It would seem that the beautiful half of the world does not have the main tool for achieving a vaginal orgasm – the penis, but this in no way impoverishes the fullness and variety of intimate life between two ladies.

What is lesbian sex?

Sexual preferences in the form of attraction to a partner of the same gender appear in the head of both men and women from birth. Female homosexuality is an inborn phenomenon. You cannot become a lesbian after one sexual experience with a representative of the same sex, even if you liked the intercourse 100%. 

The most we can talk about is that you are bisexual, if the attraction to the opposite sex has not disappeared. If sexual intercourse with your lover always did not suit you, and after the first unconventional relationship you realized that this is what you were looking for for a long time – you are 100% lesbian, and you have always been like that, you just could not find your “I”

  • In a “woman-woman” pair, it happens that one person takes on the role of a stronger and more powerful partner, but there are also cases of complete equality.
  • This kind of intimacy does not always involve only oral sex. There is also penetration, but with the use of a vibrator, strap-on, fingers and other objects.
  • One of the most important advantages of sex between girls: the fire of passion does not fade over the years, since female representatives are not afraid of intimate problems, which, due to physiology, await the powerful of this world upon reaching a certain age.

My Free Sex Dating Bootycall Online Experience

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Free sex dating is one of those things that pack a lot of promise. There’s a lot of things to like about free sex dating. I mean, after all, when you go on this type of dating, you are dealing with the two most powerful words in the English language, bar none.

If you don’t believe me, when somebody says the word “free” to you, don’t you get excited? At the very least, don’t you get a little bit moist? If you’re a guy, don’t you get a little bit hard? I do.

When somebody says, “dude, we’re having a free buffet at my work,” you don’t have to ask me twice. I’m fucking gone. The moment that person says that sentence, before they were even able to put the dot or the period at the end of the sentence, my mind has been set. I’m going to be there. If somebody says, “dude, we have a free concert,” I’m fucking there. So “free” is this magical word.

Now the only thing that fucks up “free” is when it turns out not to be free. Like for example, this hot chick at my office, Karen, tells me, “we’re going to have a free lingerie show at my place. Guys are welcome.” So again, you don’t need to ask me twice. I fucking show up there and, guess what? It’s all about fucking insurance and talking about timeshare and other multilevel marketing bullshit.

So please, man, if you use the word “free,” keep it free. Don’t make shit with it because I hate that shit, you know, that free marketing bullshit. So anyway, the next component of that phrase “free sex dating” is “sex.”

You probably don’t need this to be explained to you that “sex” is a very powerful word. Something may be fucking bland, pointless and worthless, but if you throw in sex in there, it becomes sexy, vibrant and definitely worth having.


VR Porn or Live Broadcasts – Which Is Better?

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Webcam or VR porn – which can provide you the most pleasure? Read more in the article.


Which is better – virtual reality porn or webcams? Watching live broadcasts from erotic adult cams or enjoying VR performances? Is it better to have live communication with a performer or watch some exciting porn movie in a fantasy setting? In this article, we compared these two kinds of erotic entertainment.

VR Porn

Erotic entertainment is part of human culture since time immemorial. The moment a new kind of art appears, it is soon used for erotica. Why? Because the demand is high. Erotic stagings were among the first silent movies. Since then, the porn industry has significantly evolved. And virtual porn is one of the latest developments. It is an excellent space for the embodiment of the wildest fantasies. However, any idea rests on implementation. Production is quite costly. You need expensive specialists – 3D animators, designers, and programmers, and the process as a whole is long.


There is also a significant difficulty on the viewer’s part – they need a powerful PC and a VR helmet. The process is managed by feel using special controllers. The viewing process can even be harmful because the user does not see the real environment while interacting with the virtual.


Nevertheless, VR porn has some benefits:

  • The ability to interact with the scene and characters;
  • The opportunity to plunge into a completely different reality
  • The ability to move inside the scene and watch it from different viewpoints;
  • The possibility to implement absolutely any imaginable scenario.


Admittedly, traditional porn is gradually losing its popularity. And VR erotica is still in its infancy. This is only the beginning of the industry’s development, and we cannot yet strongly recommend this option to our readers as the main and favorite one.

Disadvantages of VR porn as compared to webcam shows

Let us summarize. So, this new direction has some significant disadvantages:

  • The sphere is not developed yet, virtual performances do not provide the volume of impressions that can be gained from sexy shows of webcam models;
  • Watching VR porn requires some expensive equipment. Not everyone wants to spend money on it;
  • In a VR helmet, a person can even get real injuries, being overwhelmed by what is happening on the screen. Alas, even a fatal case was recorded;
  • virtual reality porn does not imply interaction with a real girl who expresses sincere emotions, directly communicates with viewers;
  • Even the best samples of VR porn imply only limited preprogrammed interactions. In contrast, in webcams, you can directly ask a girl to perform something special.

Benefits of Webcam Performances

The webcam is also a relatively new direction that has managed to firmly take a leading position in the field of eroticism. Here are the benefits of webcams before VR:

  • Live contact with the performer. Of course, this is incomparable! Emotions, impressions, reactions – real communication;
  • Watching webcam shows implies having quite a simple computer/laptop and internet connection;
  • Webcam models are happy to implement the innermost desires of the audience (if they are among the acceptable for a specific performer);
  • Wide variety of models, topical, and fetish shows.


All these advantages have a positive effect on the viewer. Webcam models feel relaxed, they can express themselves, they can build their relationship with the viewer. It is exciting and very erotic.

Final Thoughts

Besides, you can always express your delight to the webcam model, thank them. The model remembers her most generous customers. They can even perform something specifically for you or invite you to a private chat room. Webcam models express their individuality by exciting the viewer. This is an excellent business for beauties.


They can go to simple jobs and be students, devoting only a few hours to work a day or night. Their sincere, lively emotions are as pleasant as their sexuality and beauty. Our site has the largest selection of sensual sex webcams from all over the world, which are happy to bring you pleasure.



Hot Shemales in London

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Hottest Cam Girl Models

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If you’ve been keeping up with the adult industry these past couple of years, you have probably noticed there’s a bit of a shift – videos aren’t the go-to content anymore. People are starting to make the switch towards things like cam girls and sex chat platforms because that gives them a much more engaging experience.


Copyright: Unsplash | CC0 Public Domain

So, if you’re looking to check out this new world of adult content, where do you even begin? Well, of course, you might want to start with some of the hottest cam girl models out there. And to make things even easier, we did you a favor and rounded up a few that you absolutely must not miss.


Lil Emma

One of Chaturbate’s top models, Lil Ema is one of those young ladies that are making a killing on the platform and knows rather well how to attract your attention and keep it. She’s got a slim body but rather big boobs, which a lot of people will love, and her behavior on the camera will make you want to throw your tokens at her.

Another thing that people loved about her were the daily streams she was doing. And even though they aren’t all that common nowadays, the fact that she’s doing a great job means that it’s very much worth it to keep an eye out for when she schedules a stream next.

Copyright: Pexels | CC0 Public Domain



Undoubtedly one of the hottest cam girl models out there, AylinSkye can be found on LiveJasmin. Now, a thing to know about her is that she’s got a rather relaxed and innocent-looking face. And that’s exactly what’s going to fool you into getting into a private room with her, where you won’t last more than a couple of minutes.  


Free Porn Tube that Will Help You Discover New Kinks

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Hate to borrow a gaming term, but the experience that you get on most pornographic tubes is pretty damn “linear.” You start in one place and that’s pretty much all there is to it. Now, we know for a fact that there IS a better way to enjoy online pornography, the one that actually helps you broaden your sexual horizons. For example, if you choose to visit XNXX and check out their collection of hardcore smut, you are in for a linear experience. They won’t encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and/or explore subgenres and offshoots closely related to the porn category of your choosing.

Not only does In35 have a better selection of XNXX porn than XNXX itself (it’s because of them handpicking the clips, duh), but it also offers a CLEARLY superior experience when it comes to exploration. The website that you’re about to visit boasts a very large list of pornographic genres and smaller niches. You are sure to find something that will interest you along the way! Just go ahead and give it a try.


Real People Looking for No-Strings-Attached Sex in the UK

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Pay the website a visit if you don’t believe us: you are sure to be blown away by the vast variety of choices you have right from the get-go. Thanks to numerous filtering and sorting options, you will be able to find the woman of your dreams in NO time. Moreover, UKSexContacts has a fairly active blog for you to enjoy. It was created to celebrate the beauty of amateur women. Yup, they post the pictures of real women that you can easily find on the site itself. How exciting is that?


Deepfake Porn vs Regular Porn

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Yes, it will seem strange, but in the FaceSwap genre, there is much more traditional sex than in the one where images are not substituted. The fetish nude celebs work on the very fact of intimacy with a coveted and inaccessible star, he rarely needs any “extras”. Most of the websites with deepfake porn like sexcelebrity, mrdeepfakes or deepfakeporn work mainly with classical and quite familiar to all genres. Statistics say that deepfake is best sold in the form of quite familiar fantasies.

Fake nudes are on every prominent figure from the global show business. Of course, first of all, in the trends of Hollywood and the most popular stars from the MTV rotation. Scarlett Johansson, Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Emilia Clarke, and other popular faces of glossy covers are “revealed” here in all their glory. Most FaceSwap are women, for obvious reasons: the audience for media products and porn is still mostly focused on guys. But over time, and cute men take a place in fake porn videos.

FaseSwap Technology

The nude celebs section contains more than just porn. There you can find the corresponding photo content. Some of them belong to the erotic section and are less naturalistic. Formally, this is not always deepfake, sometimes ordinary retouching is used when it comes to photographs. But the videos are made using face-swapping technology, overlays on the body of real models, or even on computer rendering.

In addition to Hollywood nudes, deepfake software is practically the only way to see Indian, Japanese, Korean, Arab, African exoticism in porn with real screen stars. The traditions of their cinema and theater are strong in Asia and Africa, big stars can undress to the public in some cases, but they will not star in real porn even for the big hype. The converse is also true: almost none of the stars of adult films in a big movie has become a star. So such websites like we listed about with deepfake sections is the only way to see intimate fantasies close to reality with idols.