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Ahhh, The Fappening? It’s over three years old now and still going strong. The name, created by combining “The Happening” and the term “fapping,” the Internet slang term for guys jerking off, is now synonymous with celebrity nudes. Apple took a shit ton of quite-deserved criticism for its lack of security measures that would have kept it from ever happening; claiming they were as outraged as the victims were…er…are. Even law enforcement is receiving backlash for it. Why? Because it seems to regular citizens that the affected celebs are receiving special and more diligent attention on their cases than any of us ever would. That’s quite illegal, in case you’re wondering. Even Google faced lawsuits for making it so easy to spread all the private moments of celebs all over the world. The list is basically endless…and still growing.

So, too, is the best source online for all things porn. Yes, The Porn Dude did it again. The king of finding the best porn sites and creating the most comprehensive lists of quality sites online and ranking them hasn’t disappointed us when it comes to the ongoing hack and leaked nudes either. He searched far and wide, weeded out the crap and spam, and grabbed nothing but the best in all things Fappening.

So what makes a site rank high or low on his lists? Well, a bunch of things, really. How easily a site is navigated is one. How mobile-friendly a site is, how visually pleasing the site’s layout is, the quality of the content in question, the amount of ads, popups and popunders a site has are some more. He doesn’t just run to some search engine and type in key words. He takes time to make sure the sites deserve to even be mentioned. Do yourself a favor – instead of typing your brains out on Google to find all the best examples of naked celebs, head to the one place that puts them all at your fingertips.

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