How do lesbians have sex?

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Sexual relations between unconventional couples are in many ways similar to heterosexual contacts: there are mutual caresses of erogenous zones, numerous kisses, and hugs. In a relationship between two ladies, each one knows perfectly well what they need and what they like.

It would seem that the beautiful half of the world does not have the main tool for achieving a vaginal orgasm – the penis, but this in no way impoverishes the fullness and variety of intimate life between two ladies.

What is lesbian sex?

Sexual preferences in the form of attraction to a partner of the same gender appear in the head of both men and women from birth. Female homosexuality is an inborn phenomenon. You cannot become a lesbian after one sexual experience with a representative of the same sex, even if you liked the intercourse 100%. 

The most we can talk about is that you are bisexual, if the attraction to the opposite sex has not disappeared. If sexual intercourse with your lover always did not suit you, and after the first unconventional relationship you realized that this is what you were looking for for a long time – you are 100% lesbian, and you have always been like that, you just could not find your “I”

  • In a “woman-woman” pair, it happens that one person takes on the role of a stronger and more powerful partner, but there are also cases of complete equality.
  • This kind of intimacy does not always involve only oral sex. There is also penetration, but with the use of a vibrator, strap-on, fingers and other objects.
  • One of the most important advantages of sex between girls: the fire of passion does not fade over the years, since female representatives are not afraid of intimate problems, which, due to physiology, await the powerful of this world upon reaching a certain age.

Differences between lesbian sex and traditional sex

Bed intimacy between ladies is always a lot of love and tenderness with the help of the tongue, which, according to statistics, leads to a peak of pleasure several times more often than vaginal penetration. Among the advantages of women’s games in bed are:

1. Women experience more pleasure from oral sex of their own kind than if it is done by guys.

2. Coitus between lesbians does not have a logical conclusion, i.e. the decline in erection and sexual energy does not occur immediately after the onset of orgasm, but can continue for several hours in a row, constantly delighting with repeated peaks of sexual discharge.

3. Gentle touches of the skin and intimate places give girls much more pleasant sensations than rubbing and shaking. Men almost always prefer the second option, while partners have a clear idea of ​​their desires and preferences, as well as more gentle and gentle creatures by their nature.

4. Representatives of the fair sex thoroughly know their body, therefore they understand how to handle the clitoris, but lovers from among the guys do not always even know where it is.

5. Numerous sex toys are more readily used by women. Men, on the other hand, believe that additional paraphernalia discredits their male solvency.

6. They do not care about possible pregnancy and contraceptives, as they are not afraid of this condition.

7. They are more open to each other: they do not hesitate to ask even the most intimate questions and express secret desires, which leads to greater understanding in bed. Representatives of the strong half of humanity are most often embarrassed to fully open up to their mistress, which is why omissions remain between lovers.

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Technique and poses

Lesbians most often prefer to make love in the following positions:

1. Merger. In this position, one is lying on her back and the other is on top in the classic missionary position. Thus, the genitals of both rub against each other, eventually causing an unprecedented orgasm. At the same time, partners can kiss, caress the bodies, legs, and hands of loved ones.

2. Scissors. Here, the girls are tightly intertwined with their legs so that outwardly it resembles the blades of scissors. Further, the pelvic movement begins, in which both can reach the peak of pleasure, or they can proceed to manual stimulation.

3. Manual stimulation. In this case, the one that the asset, with the help of hands and penetrating into the partner’s vagina, imitates the act of intercourse with a guy. Perhaps just superficial stimulation of both clitoris.

4. Fisting. This variant of fondling assumes initial preparation, since fisting is understood as the complete introduction of the hand into the vagina of the passive. You need to enter carefully and slowly so as not to cause injury.

5. Oral sex. The most common option, quite often practiced by lesbians.

6. “69”. This position is often found in heterosexual couples as well. In lesbians, it differs only in that the partners feel emotions and tactile sensations better and are capable of simultaneously ending the act.

7. Use of special toys (strap-ons, dildos, faloimitators). This occurs only among those lesbians who have a clear division of roles.

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